Backports for Debian GNU/Linux Version 6.0, Codename Squeeze
I'm using Iceweasel 10 from which needs libsqlite3-0 from backports and so newsbeuter is build against libsqlite3-dev 3.7.13-1~bpo60+1. The Depends doesn't force this version though so maybe it runs fine with libsqlite3-dev from Squeeze, I haven't tested it.
newsbeuter (2.5-2+slashproc60+1) - text mode rss feed reader with podcast support
Binary for arch i386 (701.9 KB)

newsbeuter is an innovative RSS feed reader for the text console. It supports OPML import/exports, HTML rendering, podcast (podbeuter), offline reading, searching and storing articles to your filesystem, and many more features.

Its user interface is coherent, easy to use, and might look common to users of mutt and slrn.