Backports for Debian GNU/Linux Version 7.0, Codename Wheezy
jshon (20131010-3+slashproc70+2) - Command line tool to parse, read and create JSON
Binary for arch i386 (14.9 KB)

Jshon is a command line utility to parse, read and create JSON. It is designed to be as usable as possible from within the shell and replaces fragile adhoc parsers made from grep/sed/awk as well as heavyweight one-line parsers made from Perl/Python. Jshon loads json text from stdin, performs actions, then displays the last action on stdout.

Json parsing features include: Return data types of values Report data type lengths Sort JSON data by keys In-place editing of JSON files Format or "beautify" JSON (as changing indentation, etc) Create JSON from an empty object Extraction of keys and values